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but ok !✨ Image by ✌︎𝒯𝒽ℯ 𝓈𝓉ℴℴ𝓅𝒾𝒹 ℴ𝓃ℯ✌︎


✨The light hair dudes are twins✨

🦋Age: 17🦋
🦋Sexuality: Lesbian🦋
🦋T/B/S: Bottom🦋
🦋T/S: Single🦋
🦋Soft: 8/10🦋
🦋Flirty: 2/10🦋
🦋Pervert: 2/10🦋
🦋Likes: Light colors, her twin, her older brother, sweets, her teddy bear, kisses, and cuddles🦋
🦋Hates: The dark, mean people, Bullies, cheaters, brats, her parents, and dolls🦋


💖Age: 17💖
💖Sexuality: Gay💖
💖T/B/S/: Bottom💖
💖T/S: Single💖
💖Soft: 7/10💖
💖Flirty: 4/10💖
💖Pervert: 2/10💖
💖Likes: Light and Dark colors, his twin, his older brother, sweets, his teddy bear, kisses, and getting his ears pet💖
💖Hates: The Dark, mean people, Bullies, cheaters, brats, and his parents💖


💀Age: 19💀
💀Sexuality: Gay Bxtch💀
💀T/B/S: Switch💀
💀T/S: Single💀
💀Soft: 3/10💀
💀Flirty: 9/10💀
💀Pervert: 10/10💀
💀Likes: his siblings, dark colors, kisses, and cuddles💀
💀Hates: Cheaters, brats, Bullies, his parents, and school💀

✨That's All!✨

✨Boobai Chickens✨


✨ #weird #but #ok #!✨