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1 maia mxmtoonmaia mxm toon Image by Inactive.

ngl i love this
1) history facts
2) music fact
3) today’s history with maia

maia is my #1 simp, i dont think its a simping at this point 😳 help actually help me im dying here dhdbdnbd

quick rant
i- cannot handle maia shes so freaking pretty and i love her singing i only know ukulele because of her like dear prime, i barelt know much about her because of my limited sources n stuff (i dont have any social medias other than pa, only yt which,,,, hasnt been working lately) and she loves the mcyt fsndom too??? like bro i just axkncjfjjfffr3ee
i have been a maia fan since plum blossom released, it all started with me crying to "feelings are fatal" about 3 years ago in my room on loop for like hours, and now it ends with me listening to "pride" and her podcast while looking through my phone
literlly i feel like idk ive been with her through her whole journey of the past three years of her life and its jsut zjhxhdhxbxncnnc and its so weird that she doesnt know me to me, id do anything to know her
i bought concert tickets and then corona happened. I have a mervh shirt and a the Masquerade book, im saving up for more mxmtoon merch rn I think. I really want more (hence being a simp).
i just ancjckfkdorreeksjjiioooooooooo
i love her
theres no other way to say it i freaking love maia so much

rant over 😌 #mxmtoon #maia #mxmtoonmaia #mxm #toon #mxmtoonfan #365dayswithmxmtoon #mxmtoonmusic #maiamxmtoon #maiaisthebest #bicon #maiathebicon