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not me sobbing over an anime againnnn Image by heyo

not me sobbing over an anime againnnn

ok lets talk about banana fish, wow what a rollercoaster. theres no spoilers btw, the storyline is amazing, who would expect an inoccent boy and a gang leader to go through all of this, become great friends, ugh just wow. the ending is AA. i literally started evaporating. ash has gone through so much and i love how both of them would do anything for each other. episodes 13, 18, and 24 got me the most (obvi 24 bec the ending). theres so much raw emotion, and it shows how much ppl go through after trauma. i recommend you watch this but theres a lot of heavy topics. (r*pe, death, a bit of su*cide) also, maybe dont check the comments for spoilers and stuff. ilyasm, stay safe and ill be heading to sleep. goodnight <333

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