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billie billieeilish complex edit complexedit Image by ♡

~°•[ ocean eyes ]•°~

💫:; edit type > complex
❄:; celeb > billie eilish
✨:; time taken > 3 days
💌:; follower count > 6,352
🐚:; contests > @clovdyboca 's contest ( #clovdybocacontest )
💒:; credits > creds to whoever made the overlays (for the background)

[random shoutout]
🌹:; @editingeilish (happy birthdayy ily)

📍:; ack sorry for the repost
ok im really proud of this
this was inspired by some edit i found on pinterest ok
also can i just talk about how so many people are making hate accounts for epic people? i mean i get that some of them are meant to be jokes but the ones that arent- what's the point of making accounts if you know you're gonna get attacked lmao. these hate accounts made a lot of people leave which sucks. please stop it's honestly stupid ok
anyway enjoy this edit

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🎀:; manipulation > @-myluciferislonely
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