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Ok so today I had to go to the Image by ♡Jordan♡

Ok so today I had to go to the orthodontist and get new wires and get my braces tightened and stuff. But when I was signing in there was this REALLY HOT DUDE that was waiting behind me to sign in and I was like oop- don't stare Jordan 😂 But the as I was walking away we made eye contact and I blushed like HARD CORE. And then I'm like ok brush it off and what not. But the we get called back at the same time! Like bruh. What the actual hell. Anyway when I walked to the back we had chair right beside each other. I'm like how could this get any worse. Bc at this point he probably already knew I was crushin on him😂 But anyway after the peoples took our wires out we went to brush our teeth at the same time so like wtf. And while we were brushing our teefies we kept looking at each other but then like quickly looking away. Does that make sense? Anyway we looked at each other at the same time then I was like oh no this is the end of me. But then he just laughed and was all smiley. And I'm like ugh why is he doing this. So after that we went back to our spots and we kept exchanging glances at each other like before. Yes ik I'm creepy oh well😂 But ya that's basically it. Kinda boring but that's like the most exciting thing that's happened this summer so ya. And if ur reading this hot dude hmu😂 no jkjk he probably ain't but if he is like ;)❤ If I guys like this story I'll try and do more story times. Also I feel like I should've talked to him or something but like what would I have said? Ya know. Or like give him my number. Idk just regretting that I didn't talk to him😂 What do you guys think I should've done? Let me know and I'll try it next time if I see him again. Thanks for listening to my story my loves. Much love, Jordan❤