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jisooblackpink blackpink blackpinkedit Image by 🐢

Ok so i have alot to say but i would just like to thank you all,honestly alot of stuff has been happening and im just trying to process that a week ago i had 2.2k and now i have almost 4.4k?! I dont know how to put this into words its just been an amazing experience!

Also just for everyone who has put in requests thank u so much,honestly all if you have such great ideas that i wouldnt have thought of because all if you are amazing editors in my eyes

I just wanted to address something that was bothering me,recently an old friend from picsart texted me congratulating me on getting verified but she seemed more formal and acted like i was suddenly royalty!keep in mind that im still learning and just because i have a blue tick on my account,it dosent make me any different from all of u!please dont feel scared or nervous to comment on my posts or even dm me if u want to learn how i edit ir just talk!i am just as good as any if u!

Also one last thing!i will be launching a contest soon so please comment any themes you would like to see!love hearing from you all!

—thanks again💌
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