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idk OK so I just saw a post Image by Follow 4 follow

#freetoeditOK so I just saw a post about Black Lives Matter Trump etc. and I totally agree with it I’m going to repost it right after this but I just wanted to put my word out there Fox News the Republicans on it when Obama was president there was a disease worse than Covid and I believe it was Sarris or something like that to people died in America and a few people were had severel conditions but eventually got over it to people died and Fox News went crazy can you guys shut up Trump has been killing so many people I don’t even know to the state I know it’s over 200,000 and it’s like an every day thing and people think it’s normal people support him he thinks all lives matter I actually watched a video where they got a clip of his wife saying that he’s the only one that’s pretty gay marriage when there’s a clip’s right after they were saying he does not at all like at all are you guys kidding me I’m not fully against people that like him or support him it’s just why do you! There is no reason to support it I could be here for 1 million reasons saying bad things about him and you guys think it’s normal everyone goes around the kids it’s normal and people support him when it’s stupid to do that I’m not saying you have to be Democrat or you have to be Republican because we all. Should not be divided because of our race because of our skin color because of your Democrat or Republican I just want you to understand that so much is at stake and I’m glad that Biden is president because if he was not then I would be happy if I’m alive after four years and I’m not sure how we survived the four years with President Donald Trump thanks for reading this far if you got this far and the tag for the day is... @awhlou love her❣️ ty all for reading #idk
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