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Ok sooooo i drew this Image by 🎈♠︎Hiya Georgie!♠︎🎈

Ok sooooo i drew this and i wanted to show yall
Yes i am still on break, i just wanted to show you guys what i drew
Anyways this is a Losers' club! I did get a reference
No i did not trace
No i did not copy off
I only used it as a reference (the picture >) so yEa (Richie is my pfp😫) Richie is a cLown🤡✋ but funny af- and i ship him with Eddie- no oNe eLse Babie Stanley and Eddie are funny af
Awh and Soft Ben :( i hated when Henry bullied him >:( and i love when Billy stutters and He was sad when Georgie died :( and Beverly :( IM GLAD HER DAD DIED >:OOO HE IS A MEANIE AND ABUSIVE AND DONT LET HER HANG OUT W/ BOYS >:V and Mike :( he didnt want to kill the baby goat or idk what it was :( im glad they are friends >
Ok forget me blabaling bye gUys