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OKAY SO, ive hit a million followers on picsart and the thing that started it for me was when someone really influential reposted my edit almost two years ago. ive been reposting others pictures low-key, tryna return the favour but im down for a repost spree just to give y'all talented peeps a boost. just comment something nice, give this a repost to spread the word and I'll check you out and spam you. i dont know if anyone even wants this but again - i do it anyway except now i just felt like putting it out there. anyway. thank you for following me! have an amazing day! ❤ #freetoedit <br>#remixit
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ahhh a repost or two would be much appreciated ;v;♡ Also?? I didn't like them all bc i wasn't sure if you're okay with spam yourself (though you probably get that a lot anyway tbh), but your artwork is amazing. I'm really impressed by your edits as well-
-but I'm a bit of an art child in training myself so that really stands out to me ;w; Keep up the good work, you're awesome💕
@kalcifercat thank you honey❤

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