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iamstupidandweirdxd Image by Welcome to Avas Tea Shop!

Okey so 1. Can we just apreciate how cute it is that Denki plays with Ojiros tail 24/7!?!?✨✨🥺 hes such a baby I love him😾⚡

2. I just got done with the entire mha series- AND I AM SO FRICKING SAD!!!!

3. I love low quality pictures of the characters, they are so funny and cute!!😼🥰

4. I think i have catched a cold or something😳

5. I think I am gonna watch Dangaropa or Kageguri soon, I have only seen the first episode of it and uhhhhhh 😳🙌

6. Tuesday next week is 1st December and you know what that means? CRISTMAS!!!☃️🎁🎄

Well baiiii!!! #iamstupidandweirdxd