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Olivia’s Image by ✨Stream Evermore✨

Olivia’s Restaurant :
Enter: •[yes] [no]
Hi! Welcome to Olivia’s Restaurant!
I’m your host, Olivia! What would you like?
🥘 Dinner (time):7:12 pm
🥙 Lunch (time taken):idk i didnt count
🥞 Breakfast (followers count):409!
🍨 Dessert (any notes/creds): creds to @momohelpsyou for the background and to whoever made the stickers. Lyasm
[Dinner] [Lunch] [Breakfast]
•[Keep thinking]
[Keep thinking]
You need more time to choose? Ok! Do you want any beverages?
🥤 Soda (type of edit):complexxxx
🧃 Juice (person):loren gray
☕️ Coffee or tea (color):pinkish
💧 Water (shoutout):to all the people who won my contest (it wint let me tag them here)
[soda] [juice] [coffee or tea] [water]
•Comment in the comments!
Okay! I will put your drink in!
Hello! I’m @corneliastreet_20 I am a huge swiftie and arianator!
I like to make celeb edits (mostly Taylor Swift) or complex edits!
Places you can reach me!:
VSCO: @/oliviakim20
Pinterest: @/paper_rings13
Follow my other pa acc!: @mxlti_accxunt I absolutely love you all so so so so much!
📰 Any new news? 🗞 :
-i may do a giveaway soon (warning: the prizes wont be THAT good)
-anyone wanna collab??
Customers (tag list ❤️):
🦋 @enchantxd-swxftie
🐞 @-afterglowswiftie- 🦄 @swccthoney- 🌱 @butterfly_ari 🎋 @endofallthendings 💐 @billsbambi 🍁 @lovelyswxft 🍄 @fangirl2026 🌷 @taylorswiftnt 🌸 @jsross2007 🌼 @ts_obsessed13 🌻 @soft-lover 🌞 @zeyneperol13 🔥 @selena_gomez_fans01 🌈 @inlovewbillieeilish ☀️ @rarexromance 🌨 @starlightswiftie 🌬 @shamiltay_13 🍎 @repu-tay-shawn 🧅 @swiftieeeee05 🌽 @sproushart_1989 🥦 @tsedits_ 🥒 @cruel_summer2 (btw, I was @oliviakim_20_backup so you can remove that acc from your taglist)
🥯 @miss-americana-hbp
🍔 @ts_13swiftie 🌯 @i_love_taytay 🥘 @cqmplex_acsthetic To be added,
Dm me “🥠” to be ADDED and “🍋” to be REMOVED

VIP customers (ibfs 🥺💞(I hope):
🍤 @enchantxd-swxftie 🍧 @-afterglowswiftie- 🍫 @billsbambi 🍮 @ms_americana 🍿 @fangirl2026 🎾 @taylorswift_selena13 🏹 @taylorswift2222 🛹 @zeyneperol13 🪁 @lovelyswxft
🏅 @ts_obsessed13 🎗 @butterfly_ari To be removed, dm me “🥥

Have you figured out what you would like?
•[yes] [no]
Okay! I will write it down!
*after 15 minutes*
Here is your food!
•[eat] •[thank her] [leave]
[eat] [thank her]
Of course! Enjoy your meal!
*after eating*
Bye! I hope to see you again!
Rate your experience?
🌟 Rate (satisfaction): 10/10
Bye! See you soon!

#remixed from @spqrklychely , @momohelpsyou