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kpop joy sooyoung redvelvet Image by ✨ 𝓃𝒾𝓀𝓀𝒾 ✨

omg hi again finally back to thrivin with so many missing tests and big big projects 🀟😎✌️

okay so like, my brain still be processing. 1.9K? WHY DO YOU LIKE MY MESSY EDITS LMAO YALL ARE SOOOOO CANCELLED ❌❌❌ I HAD TO DO TWO VERSIONS OF THIS EDIT CAUSE THE FIRST ONE WAS UGLY AND MESSY SJVEJXBEJSBWI. im so glad i made another one, cause it finally fit my au!! Speaking of which, onto the au....

β€œIn a world of A.I and technology as your only society, you stumble across a 1989-type-feel of game called β€œJOY RIDE.” as you place the DVD into the station, you see the 8-bit woman pop from the black screen. you had to admit, she was quite beautiful for an old game. as you start playing, you become more addicted to her presence. no questions asked, the pov asks: β€œare you falling for her?” as you press yes, the red button falls from its original, still, holding place and the screen turns black. all you remember is the 8-bit, mozart piano music as you are tainted into the screen, a figure walking into the outside.

polarr filter by vyrgofilters on ig
overlays by texturesisland (might be wrong)
credits to owners for all claimed stickers :)
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