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stopthedramaandspreadthelove On Image by 𝐊𝐀𝐈𝐓

On June 6th of 2019, I posted this. It got 43.8k views. But my point is, This post isnt an edit, its a message. Picsart is a beautiful community filled with Inspiring people but at times it can be intoxicating. I’m posting this post as a message to those who are having struggles. From being hacked, to getting hate, and to just quitting Picsart, I’ve recieved it too.

If you’ve been hacked, do not be discouraged. I know the feeing of it too. If you’ve been hacked, you must feel lost. You lost all your hard work because someone unknown deleted it. But know that your followers are fighting for you. They are YOUR followers for a reason. Be confident and positive.

If you’ve recieved hate, i really know how you feel. If you’ve been following my account throughout picsart, i’ve recieved a LOT of hate. But if you’ve been hated on, do not let the hate get to you. It’s not worth it. Haters are just filled with jealousy. If you show them that their hate doesn’t get to you, then they will see and stop. But showing it has an effect on you shows the haters that it’s working. So stay confident and don’t let people bring you down.

To my haters and to HATERS:
Please stop. What you’re doing is wasting your time bothering successful people. Take a piece of your own mind and do something better like becomming successful. Being known as a hater behind a screen just isn’t a good look on yourself. So please find yoursef some self love.

DISCLAIMER: this post is not aimed or targetted to anyone. This is a message post.

Overall, I just hope this spreads a message. Let’s use “Stop the drama and spread the love.” I think this will help me, and my community of Picsart Artists around me. You can remix, repost, or SS this and post it on your account. Use the # , #stopthedramaandspreadthelove . If posted please tag me @mama_kaitz 💕 i hope this can help us. Much love xoxo.

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