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One in a million I Image by i'm one in a million💜

#freetoeditOne in a million
I need to say somthing:
First:stop to hate nayeon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!she dosent do nothing bad for you to hate him
Hive me one reason to hate this angel nayeon,
You dont have right😏
Stop to hate him and sent for him a hating maseege(sorry for my bad eng i broke my hand and i cant write in my other hand caus i dont know 😅 and i was need to do this post for nayeon😂)
Not the problem now...
Lets begin nayeon for three min
What your fiilings if you gate so many hate cooment
Nayeon i love you to the moon and back
All the once and twice with you nothing is impoosibl when we together❤❤😭
I love you❤
Kpop stan was here✌
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See you lateer❤🤒
#remixed from @d0tiexo11 , @imnayeon-ah , @fotomomente2-