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#freetoedit<br>One of my co-workers is a big fan of giraffes. Next moth is her birthday and I was thinking about a nice little birthdaypresent. Thought about a pic for her office. Well, I found a giraffe in my gallery clicked 2 years ago in the Berlin Zoo but it was horrible boring 😲 Will print this version and hope she will like it 😊 #giraffe #magiceffects #art #animal<br>#remixit
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Tineke Massop
Oh that is wonderful....I see it is a big poster. Thank you for telling me, I appreciate it very much🌞🌞have a happy day my dear 🌹💕🌹
Micha G.
Wenn Sie es nicht möchte... Ich nehme es gern... Sieht klasse aus 💕🐫😊👍
Kuller Keks
@micha61 Saal Digital, kann ich nur empfehlen! Ging super schnell!

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