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Open. First off: Image by 💌chai tea💌


First off: hate accounts.
Hate accounts are not ok. And people need to realise that a hate account is an immature way of dealing with a problem. If you make a hate account, you will have people commenting horrible things because you were chatting utter shite. So if people insult or report or block you, you as a hate account have no right to be offended. You decided to start the fight, so deal with the battle.

Second: be mature.
If your friends are in a fight just make sure that you are neutral. Taking sides just reinforces the whole idea that its ok to say whatever to people over the internet. Its not.

Third: dont plagiarise.
People work hard on edits, photography and sketches. If you steal someone elses artwork it makes them feel as if they have been degraded. If you have stolen someones work, do not try to justify it, just own up and dont do it again. If you steal work there will be people who find out that it is stolen, many people get caught and the post gets flagged for violating intelectual property. There is no point, just dont do it.

Fourth: repost or...
I do not want to repost a picture of a dead dog. If i ignore this post my mum will not die. Just because i dont want to repost your stupid, disrespectful picture it does not mean that i am happy that XXX is dead. I do not believe this, however there are younger people on this platform who will be disturbed by a picture of a dead dog, or be genuinely worried that their mum will die. Many people are sensetive to blood, or may have issues with their families, or their mum may have sadly passed away. It is disgusting to me that small children or sensetive individuals should have to see that just because its an easy way to get likes or reposts.

I hope you spread my message. This is not done for a few laughs. Take it with a bucket of salt and dont comment hate :) #freetoedit
#remixed from @shoter_7