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open✰ ❝ welcome to my account! Image by cαss 🤫


❝ welcome to my account! ❞

hi! @editology here aka cass. i’ve decided to start up a niche meme account. yes i know i have honeymoodave but i either forgot the password or it got hacked. so yea. here’s my new one. it’s going to have a tropical vibe. sorta. u cant rly theme niche memes. but we’re gonna try. no we’re not. idk. just hear me out ok. i’m gonna put my normal taglist here first so that the word gets out about my account because this will also be my backup in case i get hacked (pray that will never happen again!). so this is getting too long so bye

starting a taglist!
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( my main taglist: )
@grandesniches @hazel-cloudss @_green-eyes_ @itzjustsophie @lor_editz @qtcottril @scfteilish @limelight_seavey99 @jordan_limelight @bocafrappe @disqustcng @milknhcney @badherron @awiecafe @orngejwcewpvlp @everysunrisedies @i_need_mental_help @gqzebos @lcvelybqca@-downey_holland- @pixxiekiss @flowerboxart @allmyloveforallie @limelights_unite @lushavnue @bxttercxp- @bessonsbabyx @aesthesticc @dreamistry @awhaylie @doraisthequeen