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💗Open💗 Here is Sakura Haruno from Image by Pufu


Here is Sakura Haruno from Naruto!
I actually rly like this one ( - w - )
I hope u guys do as well!!!

~Edit Info~
Person- Sakura Haruno
Proud?- Yes!
Rating- 9/10
Although I rly like it, there’s still room for improvement!

-Other Info-
Mood: 🥰
Current Follower Count: 626
Thx u all!

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Still no questions

[Story Time]
This honestly has nothing to do with this edit lmao—
But so, I follow a lot of Crybabies (Melanie Martinez Fans)
And they post stuff like “30 Days Idol Challenge” with Melanie Martinez
And like
If u didn’t know for some reason, I RLY RLY RLY LOVE Shaiapouf from HxH
I kinda admire him 😳
I wanna be taller like him, I wanna be intelligent like him, stuff like that
Ofc, I also admire his loyalty—
Anyhoo, I’m always SO tempted to do one with him as a joke 🤣
But I don’t 😔
Idk I’m weird—

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Goodbye for now!


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