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Hello Everyone
I Hope all of You’re Fine

So I Decided to take a Hiatus
There’re So many Reasons
some of them Are:

-My university is back
since 3 weeks now..so I
need to Study Hard.

-My Heath Isn’t Good this
days...ugh I also Have insomnia
since a weeks ago now & it’s still..

-I’m not Feeling like Myself,what’s
I mean is That I’m Started Not
Bearing My own Self Times ago
& now it’s getting More..

Sorry if I annoyed you all with All of this
I Don’t know when I Really will be Back...
Please Don’t worry about me🥺
I Love you all🌹
Thanks you💜
Date: 25/09/2020,9:53pm
News: —
Can You Turn Off Your Phone,BTS
🎶1:00 ———•—————3:00 🎶


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