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Ok so im working on insect-like OCs and this boi is named Orchid, based on the Orchid mantis.
Hes a model, but basically a drag queen (which only two people know hes actually a dude) since he wears feminine clothing.
In the community that he lives in, which is home to thousands of various other species of insect and arachnid monsters, male mantises are seen as lowly and worthless, their only purpose being to give females the means to have eggs, then becoming that female’s next meal. Some females just straight up eat them anyways, such as if they dont want to have eggs. Thats why he disguises himself as a female. No one notices his smaller size, they only pay attention to his beauty. Also, he is drawn here so that his body shape can be seen easily, but his stomach and pelvis/the part connecting to the thorax is actually ecto-like, similar to skeletal monsters. They are placed under the same classification as skeletal monsters, but they do have exoskeleton covering most of their body. I didnt draw the segmentations of his legs because i wasnt sure how to make it look good yet- (what this means, though, is that that entire part of them is technically made of magic, or a magical substance, so he CAN in fact have -parts-, but in the art i post on here i will not draw that. This also means, though, that there is no way to tell a female apart from a male apart from body size, colorations, or thighs, but even with thighs some dudes are tHICC so thats not a good way to figure it out. )
The modelling industry is very large within the community, especially due to how many bodytypes there are, and how many creative minds live there.
A new monster walked in.
A moth. They had a few moths, but he was much younger than them.
He was quick to become friends with the others there...
He became known as quite the charmer...
But the only one he ever TRULY flirted with was Orchid.
No one noticed it
Except for Orchid himself....
No one could know how he felt....
Not yet....
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@leia_luna all my descriptions are pretty long tbh
Aw this is so cute. I love your art. And the whole concept is just so what’s the word/ original
@undertale-dummy AAAGH THANK YOUUUUU