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blm Image by ♡justSomePHROG♡ (online)

#freetoeditPeriodt . I love this, now heres a little rant about people who support all lives matter...

Imagine this, 2 houses, one burning down, one is fine though. The house owner with the fine house says: “but my house matters too, right?” Yes it does! BUT... we are not focusing on your house right now.. we are focusing on the BURNING HOUSE! Yes every house matters, but right now we are focusing on the serious problem. (House example from pinterest, not me) black lives are treated like NOTHING, and it makes me SICK. People who think #blm means that ONLY black lives matter need help. IT MEANS THAT BLACK LIVES MATTER THE MOST RIGHT NOW, THEY ARE BEING TREATED LIKE COMPLETE CRAP AND I HATE IT, PLEASE STOP! DANG IS IT THAT HARD TO UNDERSTAND...?? They are people too, there is nothing that makes them different except their skin color, and they need to be treated the same as everyone else.

I really hate humanity sometimes...

Thankyou for reading, if you support alm get off my account, if you support blm feel free to stay <3
#blm #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmattertoo #getoffmypageifyousupportalm #BLM

#remixed from @black_girl_problems