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qanda Q and A in comments! ask Image by ✨contest time✨

Q and A in comments! ask me anything!

hello there! here are some random facts about me so that y’all can know me better <3

1. my name is Lily
2. i have 2 dogs and they are both insane 😂
3. i am obsessed with wayyy too many fandoms (in case if ya didnt know that already haha)
4. i play the pianooo 🎶
5. i love to sing but i am ✨really bad✨ at singing haha
6. i like to run and next year im going to try out for track
7. i have a little sister
8. i am going to learn how to surf soon (i kind of know how to but i need to get a surf board haha)
9. i am a huge poe dameron simp
10. i cannot decide my favorite genre of music... i listen to a bit of everything haha
11. i am ✨obsessed✨ with reading
12. i am attempting to write a book right now, even tho it will probably never get published i still love to write

idk what else to say 😂😅

13. i like to skateboard even tho i am really bad at it haha
14. my aesthetic changes every day 😂
15. i’ve played soccer, volley ball, and basketball
16. i freaking hate the stereo type ‘dumb blonde’ because i am a blondeee ahhh i could rant about this but im not going to do that 🤪
17. i am scared of heights (but im not scared of planes so idk)
18. star wars is life haha
19. my pronouns are she/her
20. umm idk what to say but i wanted to end on 20 😂

ask any questions you have in the comments! if you’ve read through this whole thing comment 🎶 haha because why not
#gettoknowme #qanda