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taehyung taetae tae bts bangtan Image by Dilly

• R E Q U E S T S A R E C L O S E D •
#DearBri @mytaetae_

I don't know how many times you already heard this but I have to agree with all of the people saying this! You, my dear, are one of the most talented and creative editors I know on here! Not only are your edits amazing and INSPIRING but so is your personality!
You're one of the first and nicest people I get to know on here and believe me! I'm not regretting it a bit! I'm so happy that I got to know you and that we started to get along with each other so well! Of course! I mean we have a lot of things in common~💓

Don't let yourself down while having moments where you feel like lacking in creativity and what not! Just take a break and don't jump into conclusions too fast! Time is the medicine to everything! Never forget that💓

Love you lots Bri~ never forget that!!

• C R E D I T S •
[♂️] Tae sticker: @jeonjikook_bts
[🌿] Flower: @jaanaina
[⌨] Text: Phonto
[🌙] Inspired by @ohtaejimin & @oldsouls

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