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chanyeol pcy exo chanyeolexo exopcy Image by Dilly

🍉❤ - R E A D

Hey guess, who's back from the dead (long hiatus)!!
Yes it's meeee~

Well as some of you have noticed I have been inactive for quite a long time now.. About a month or almost two.

Well the reason was that I went on vacation to my home country and visited my family in the first three weeks and after that I went on a backpacking trip with two of my friends. We started the journey in Lisbon went to Seville, Madrid, Nice, Milan and Paris and today is the day we came back again. I didn't sleep for around 30 hours and that why I'm "recycling" this Chanyeol edit someone requested on insta:)

I hope that y'all did well and had a great time!


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PS.: Omg I missed JK's Bday and so many other things of other groups as well :') is there anything VERY URGENT that you want me to check out??