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5 (This Rant rant is just an old rant Image by heyo

Rant #5
(This rant is just an old rant of mine I posted on some of my other accounts, ik this may blow my cover of who I am, but whatever)

uGh I don't get how some people can post pictures of their cuts and when someone comments "please don't cut" the person replies "omg I can't stop cutting..even for u u 😭ily" but then posts "200 reposts and I'll flush my blades omg." So obviously, getting popularity on the Internet is more important than a friend who is TRYING to help you? Wow.
//posting your cuts is stupid. It's also very rude to people whom have cut and are trying to quit, because, you're just throwing self-mutation in their face. Example: If a person is trying to quit an addiction of *insert something here,* are you going to shove pictures of that in their face? No, well, you shouldn't, you might though, depending how ignorant you are. Of course, you may not know that they are trying to quit, but maybe you should take that into consideration when you post shit like that//