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[ • ] read at your own risk. - Image by hiatus

[ • ] read at your own risk.

- Thank you to everyone who said all those nice things in my last post. I'll get back to everyone soon. I'm just not ready rn.

- also please don't send hate towards those people. I should have blurred their username but I forgot to.

- Lastly, I have realized something and I'll like all my "haters" (not really) to know...

Listen kiddo , I can cuss enough to make the Pope cry so don't try me. I'm just trying to set an example for the fam to be nice.
If you think I'm docile, TEST ME, girl meet me in my DMs. Say the word and I'll be there.

You'll regret it. Just so you know, (gonna brag) my 7.7k followers will end you (aka report you to death) if I ask them to. And that's the end of you.

And about editing better than me? I can't keep disrespecting people who say my edits are nice.

So here you go, I edit better than you. Wanted to hear that? I can prove it too. Y'all out here copying other people's style while I'm making originals. You are no where in the league with me. By trying to compare yourself to me, who are you fooling girl. Not me. Not my thousands of your followers. Not your handful of followers. Not those people who verified me. So take a seat and think about how you can actually be talented and creative when you're not.

Took your advice, Hyo ❤️ @worldwidemochi ... Said everything I had in my mind. And wow, it feels amazing.

I'm not this amazing being you all think I am, at the end of the day I'm human. But I love my followers and I want to be there for you guys ❤️
Please don't judge me because you had to see such a bad side of me.