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Read. (Important)


...Basically, my old account is @suga_yoongi_min and I'm sorry I didn't tell anyone earlier....

Now to what I wanted to say... I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for being a horrible friend.
I'm sorry for not telling anyone for no reason.
I'm sorry for just leaving all the suddenon my old account.

I'm sorry for only telling you now even tough I got a new device.
I'm sorry that I'm so stupid.
I'm sorry for not being the same ”me” anymore.

I've changed negatively in a lot of ways...

1. I'm more sad these days.

2. Not a complete sunshine anymore.

3. Horrible person for no reasons.

4.- (It goes on and on)

Same-ish caption... forgive me...
#truth #sorry #isuck #imstupid