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as many of you probably know , during red velvet ‘ s rehearsal stages the staff told wendy : “ go up the stairs and through the tunnel “ so she did , but since there was an unstable stage thanks to sbs , and no lighting in the dark tunnel , she fell about 2 . 5 meters . with nothing to catch her or break the fall , unfortunately resulting in fractures in her right pelvis and wrist , as well as cracks in her right cheekbone . the swelling and bruises all over her body are too severe for doctors to properly examine wendy as of now so she may be in hospital for a few months at least . all of this couldve been avoided once twice warned about the unstable stage before this incident , but sbs is stupid and didnt properly take care of it until after wendy ‘ s fall , the first apology basically stating :
“ oh yeah , sorry about wendy , hope she gets better and next time we will be more careful . thanks for the heads up . “
which is such a goddamn shallow and short apology after an IDOL FRACTURED HER HIP , WRIST AND CHEEKBONES AFTER FALLING 6 FEET BECAUSE YOU DIDNT PUT LIGHTS
and after all of this , sbs still made every idol use those stairs wendy fell off of to get onto the stage and perform
during the event members of twice , stray kids , got7 , x1 , nct , monsta x , itzy , and bts slipped or fell on the stage . yknow the little girl that performed feliz navidad with bts ? jin slipped during that stage and he was only a few feet from the little girl .
solar fell during an interview on the red carpet , her scream honestly had me terrified and the scene looked terrible . but thankfully the interviewer instantly rushed to the aid of solar along with her members and - thank god - it was only minor injuries . solar is doing fine and performed her scheduled stage .

sbs makes me so mad because of this . and on top of all of this shit , the camerawork was terrible too ! !
sadly , red velvet lost their main vocalist for this comeback ( i was so excited because psycho is a bomb ass song and wendy totally was gonna own this era )
ugh , anyways , the bright side is that every kpop fandom came together for our idols’ safety and wellbeing for christmas .

thank you for reading and have an awesome day / afternoon / night ! ~
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