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[👑] Read? Hihi y’all! I made Image by b a m b i 🤨‼️

[👑] Read?

Hihi y’all! I made a simplistic, LIGHT edit for once in my life because @mintymist97 suggested it so creds to her.
Is it weird that it was kinda hard...? 😂 I rather make complex than simple lol. If this is somewhat successful I’ll make more light edits.

Also, I have a manager now @mochicherryblossom lol bc my editing schedule is wHaCk and I lowkey would be editing late at night at like 3 am and not be satisfied with it and then rant to her about it. Basically she said if I don’t stop doubting myself then she will delete her account so I just went 🤐

aNyWhO COMMENTS WILL BE BACK IN TWO WEEKS!!!! I really hope it’s official this time 😣

welp that’s all luvs

Stay safe and be careful 💖

Once again, thanks for 800+ 💖😭 Tags: @mochicherryblossom @strawberryhwi29 @mintymist97 @rejects101 @minsungscake @rjmgraphics @shiberry @taerbl @abbyyy_04 @jjonghwa @harthwi @haneul_k @mango_mxchi @outflow @emptycandywrappers @lilackookie @_jisunshine_ @jeoninverse- @bubblyxtae @kawaii_maknae @young_foreveroo @armyfromuniverse @bts_xd_ @monkey-Kim @soobins-bread @justnseagull @thegreatfrog @cometogroup @peachykevin @caramel_macchiatae @jeon_kookie_lover @jungkook_myboy @glowlytae @scymilk- @ilyskz @jinnie_jimin @moonfaelix @jinyoungsshoes @shxnykthh @cloudyjoons @heizy_kim @haserbts @xovphine @strayhoneys @baby_chimxchim @atinypresent @twinkletaeee @bxbble- @ksugguk @jaehyuns_dimple