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alllivesmatter Image by b a m b i 🤨‼️


I’m finally off editor’s block so I’ll try to post more. This edit is inspired by the movie Coraline so yeahhh

I have a friend @animefoodkpopthinz that is terrified of that movie lol so I hope I don’t scare the heck out of her when she sees this edit

On another note, police have been setting tear gas on INNOCENT protesters which is not okay. They need to understand why people are protesting instead of fighting with them. It truly is unacceptable that police are still acting this way.
Also, if you guys didn’t already know, #alllivesmatter is going around to SILENCE the black lives matter movement so please do not support #alllivesmatter #blacklivesmatter should be used to raise awareness for police brutality towards the black community and their voice needs to be heard.

Thank you guys for reading if you did 💖

Stay safe and be careful!
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