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editorsx101 Read if you wanna Image by b a m b i 🤨‼️

Read if you wanna

Third edit in a row. That’s impressive for me lol

I don’t really like this (as usual) but my friends do so there ya go.
Imma just jump on the Daechwita edit bandwagon.
This is my entry for #editorsx101 round 3 so yeah...

When I get to 700, I’ll open requests since comments will be backkkk. I will thrive again cuz I CAN SPAM EVERYONE AGAINNN

I literally can’t waittttt

Welp, stay healthy and be careful 💖 Tags: @mochicherryblossom @mintymist97 @rejects101 @minsungscake @rjmgraphics @shiberry @taerbl @abbyyy_04 @jjonghwa @-taely- @haneul_k @mangomxchi @outflow @emptycandywrappers @lilackookie @_jisunshine_ @jeoninverse- @bluebeorry @bubblyxtae @blckpjnk @jahyuns_dimple @young_foreveroo @justastay @kawaii_maknae @armyfromuniverse @bts_xd_ @monkey-Kim @soobins-bread