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1kofshadows • Image by ℰ𝑙𝑙𝑦 ❤️ | bio pls 🥺


okay, these are the entries i have, I posted this because sometimes I don't receive the notification and I could lose your entry. So if someone that entered is not in this list, please tell me in comments and I will add you and your edit. Repost to spread the word, please ❤️

O will accept 6 more edits, when I arrive at 21 I will choose the winner

• complex edits ❤️
• I will announce the winner before 15th august because then I go on holiday, so I have to reach 21 entries before 15th ❤️
• tag me and use #1kofshadows • winner will be just one ❤️
• for the prize swipe down in my page in the first post of the contest❤️

☁️B E S T P P L O F T H E W O R L D☁️ @joseglez95 @shawnieaestheticx @sofi_ah @particular_taste @peng-edits @the-seventh-weasley @dobbyluna6 @_love_shawn_mendes_ @just_mee_ @pure_passion @milliedarling @emmatigery @inlove_with_shawn @inoob__love @marshmello_fan_giirl @secretgirl_17 @fallinallinshawn @shawn_is_god @love_perfection @loover @sofiabaudetunepassio @lxvefangirl @imshawnsmuffin @hermione172 @emmawatson_1d_swifty @sollpotter1 @peachyxgrande @plutoxari- @arianaeilishbby @bubblyboca @-imcallaherron @followmyinstapls