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Hehe I again tried something new and simple. I hope you guys like this edit~!!💕🌸

This is my first entry for #lollyscontest by @lollycraft
Go check her challenge out and participate yourself💓

- - -

[🍵] So hey guys!
As I said yesterday - I have some tea to spill!
I don't know if I really am in the position to say this (if you don't think so, then I'm sorry) but I wanna talk about originality and copying!

I know! Many maaaany editors already said this but guys! It isn't that hard! It isn't that hard to dm an editor and ask if you can use their idea!

➡First to the "style" of editing!
Some people spend hours, days, weeks or even months and years to develop their own style of editing and they put a lot of hard work and effort in it! Which is accordingly liked by the followers, other editors and even picsart themselves!

It only takes minutes to copy that style and you know what? It only takes SECONDS to type "ib (inspired by) ____"
Only doing that once or twice is completely okay but DON'T delete all of your edits just to start doing only that "copied" style just because it got more likes than the others! DON'T edit because of the amount of the likes! Edit because it's fun to you and because YOU like it!

➡The ideas of another editor!
For example the question thing in the captions or the Quiz where the winner gets to request an edit as a reward that I'm currently doing and my with-the-edit-matching-emoji thing at the beginning of the captions...
DON'T just copy them! And no giving credits to that is not enough. AT LEAST FOR ME! I sat down and thought for a couple of days what I could do so that I can be more ORIGINAL and UNIQUE. Since my "style" of editing isn't that unique anymore.
Just dm me and ask me if you can do that, too? Yes I will most likely say no and tell you the reason I just said there but I might help you to come up with something completely new!

➡This may sound selfish but no it is not meant that way!
Yes, becoming a VIP is something very awesome and honourable!
BUT, just because editors with less followers, less likes and maybe even less skills (yes I'm not perfect and that good either! I lack a lot tbh) gets verified please don't start to become and act desperate! Just keep doing what you're doing and try to improve yourself! Use trending hashtags and join challanges hosted by picsart to get noticed and build yourself up!

And NEVER ever give up! 💕🌸

- - -

Okay that was a lot. I hope you've read all that and I hope the person who felt that I was talking about him/her will do something about it.
And please don't hate me for saying all that or sounding mean. That was not my intention. I just want to let you know about how I feel and I want you guys to imagine how you would feel.

Love you guys! I hope you'll understand :)

- - -

•sticker credits•
➡Yoongi sticker - myself
➡Yoongi's Wings era symbol - myself
➡Text - Phonto
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Suga i love you
YAS I love Kpop :)
ᑭIᑎK ᗪᖇEᗩᗰ •❥͜͡🇮🇶⇣
love it 😻