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Rose ⬇️ Name: Rose Age: Image by ~ Broken Rose ~

Rose ⬇️

Name: Rose
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Fox/Angel
Personality: Sweet, kind, gets jealous easily, nerd, funny, fierce, loyal, lonely, sensitive
What I look for in a S.O.: boy, straight, not poly, tall, loyal, caring, spends time with me, makes me laugh/smile, lets me steal their hoodies, gives me cute nicknames, posts about us (i know this is alot, this is just ideal, u dont have to be all of this)
Likes: hoodies, video games, anime, books, music, spending time with loved ones
Dislikes: being alone, rejection, the dark

Hi, i’m Rose 😊 ~ Rose

Yeah, any questions, remix chat meh :3