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minnie minnegidle gidle Image by posting hiatus sorry

#freetoeditSecond post?!?!🤭

This is my first edit that is not of Blackpink or Why Don’t We (no actually i did cameron boyce but that was a must (rip💔) and pa challenges but yall get the idea) and i’m proud of how it turned out! Minnie was the first member of (g)-idle that i knew, because of the song Empire she did with Wengie.. i now know all the members but i still don’t know much about any of the girls, so any help would be appreciated 😌✨ anyways enough with the talking lets get to edit info——

➿aesthetic~ idk- brown and green, i’m lately really into this color combo
➿type~ aesthetic edit -kinda simple
➿time taken~ i did it with breaks but about 40 mins maybe
➿creds~ inspired by the amazing @olivia_hye_ 💖(lysm) and to the owners of the stickers they probably won’t all show up below cause as i said i did it in a few parts
➿person~ Minnie - (G)-idle
➿hashtags~ #minnie #minnegidle #gidle #gidleedit #gidleminnie #minnienichayontararak #aestheticedit
➿grade~ pretty proud😌 9/10

➿mood~ 🙃🥱 (it’s midnight lol)
➿song~ nope
➿storytime/note~ wtf is this emoji lmfao
welp school starts tomorow and idk how to feel about that, but it’s starts at 4pm (ikr its weird) so i’ll try to do an edit before i go, most likely itzy😌) sorry for the long desc... .
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