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~self we find in the lighthen fairyland
"She did not know yet how sometimes people keep parts of themselves hidden and secret, sometimes wicked and unkind parts, but often brave or wild or colorful parts, cunning or powerful or even marvelous, beautiful parts, just locked up away at the bottom of their hearts. They do this because they are afraid of the world and of being stared at, or relied upon to do feats of bravery or boldness. And all of those brave and wild and cunning and marvelous and beautiful parts they hid away and left in the dark to grow strange mushrooms—and yes, sometimes those wicked and unkind parts, too—end up in their shadow."
(Catherynne M. Valente)
~I now choose 
To deeply and completely 
Love and accept myself 
And release all 
That holds me back into the white light.~

With the words for inner strength let me know my dear amazing Pyarikespeare @thought-merchant and with my beautiful amazing princess @akinnemre 's edit I wanted to say for all of us lighter new week!!!!! Love and big hugs my beautiful Pa family!! 🙋🏼☺️💖🙏🏻

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