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sea image

selkie-women were no less desirable to mortal men. Selkie-women, however, were chaster than their male counterparts, and selkie lore is full of tales of cunning young men acquiring a selkie-girl's sealskin by theft or deceit. The poor creature would be left with no choice but to marry their captors. These stories usually end with one of the selkie-wife's children returning the hidden skin to their mother after many years. Sometimes her children go to the sea with her, while others remain on land with their father. you see young'n theres 3 types of seals that grace our shore line, the grey seal thats not that grey but usualy found sunning its self on the rocks of an open bay. then theres the common seal whos not that common you might catch a glimpse of the common but its only a glimps nothing more. then theres the silkys truth be told the rarest of them all never really seen but always heard so the story goes the silkys are seal that come on to the land under the light of a full moon and there flippers turn to feet there body forms the legs and there other flippers turn to arms and hand, they come on to land in search of there loved ones to find the one true mate. now the problem you see is that they cant turn back they are forever distend to walk the land always with one eye watching the ocean theres a certain amount of loss in there heart. but it is said or so i am told that on a new moon if you listen carefully you can here the silkys back on the beach crying for there loss of swimming in the free blue sea.

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