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Sharky boi Kai, look below for story

I slammed my fists against the glass walls of a liquid filled tube. Liquid filled my lungs, I could breath, but every breath burned. It felt like drowning.
Scientists stared at me from outside of the tube, many were taking notes, some staring into veils of blood and other liquids. My hair swayed in the liquid as I struggled.
After hours of staring at the scientists, my skin began to feel odd. It felt as though I was shrinking. My skin got tighter, I began to panic, it was changing colors. As my skin was changing to a leathery dark grey, I started shaking.
I attempted to scream, but my jaw locked itself open. I cried out in shear pain as my gums ripped open, I could feel extra rows ripping into the center of my mouth. The front of my tongue compressing itself until I could feel it become a dull point. My eyes began to burn, it felt as though the veins were bursting.
My spine! No! The pain crushed me, I began to crack into poses that I had never felt before. Probably dislocating bones. The pain in the center of my back felt as though it was tugging on my spine. Cartilage and bone being crunched together to mold something connected to my spine.
The pain suddenly stopped. I felt oddly strong, my emotions heightened, my anxiety and fear much stronger than before. I banged on the glass as hard as I could. The scientist stared.
Almost in awe, the scientists walked up to the tube and put their hands on the glass, others stared and took notes in a tedious manner.
One of the female scientists had not been doing any of these things, she had only been staring at the other scientists. She grabbed a pocket mirror out of her purse and turned it towards me I stared at my reflection and screamed in pure horror.
My anxiety completely overcame me. I stared blankly as many fearful, scary, and horrifying thoughts began to run through my head at an unstoppable pace. I began to shake rapidly, my eyebrows furrowed as I began to sob. My thoughts; what am I going to do, I’m a monster, I look like a demon, I shouldn’t be here, what did they do to me, they’ve made me a demon, I’m an abomination, I’m no longer apart of God’s creation.
As I was shaking, the scientists ran up (panicked) and began draining the tube and quickly dragging me out (I had fallen to my knees at some point). I looked at them, crying, "WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!?!!?" I was in pure heartbreak. "GOD DOES NOT WANT THIS IN HIS WORLD!"

*timeskip to 2 weeks later. He had passed out and police found the scientists. They tested his handprint and decided it would be best to return him home (the scientists admitted the test was without the boy’s consent). The police wrote him a note that said that he would not have to work for a few months, until a majority of people had seen the news notice.(they would give him $300 a week)*

I woke up, on my side, on my couch at home the next day. I knew that what I had experienced was no dream. I grabbed the remote and turn on the news.
The reflection I had seen in the pocket mirror yesterday was pasted onto the screen. The newsman was speaking, "If you see this man, please, do not panic. He was tortured. Illegal experiments were performed on him, without his consent. Please, do your best, try to see him as a normal human." I furrowed my brows with mixed emotions.
I sped over to my room, grabbed my torn blue bandana from my door handle and tied it around my neck. Next, I cut a whole in my favorite surf trunks in order to fit this monstrosity of a tail. Then I cut another hole, in the back center of my hoodie, big enough for a fin.
I ran into the shed and grabbed my surfboard and skateboard. I skated the half mile down to Trestles beach. I was so ticked off. I struggled to pull the hoodie off because my dang fin was stuck, grunting out of annoyance.
I sprinted down into the waves and tried to think about what I am now, attempting to except the fact that I’m a ‘shark’. I wonder if I could breath underwater... wait- I’m not cold... the water here is normally pretty cold.
A set was coming. I had to duck-dive the first two, but the third one looked pretty rad. I turned around and began to paddle. I felt the lift of the wave and jumped to my feet. The wave crashed over me, creating the perfect tube. I ran my fingers through the water as I came out of the tube.
As the wave began to shrink, I spun my board back around and fell back down to the surface of my board. I paddled back out to wait for some more waves. For just a few seconds, it was just me, my board, and the ocean; our own little world.
By the time I got out of the water, more people had arrived. I carried my board up, to the place I’d set my skateboard, and set it down. Some people stared at me with wide eyes, some videoing me as I walked back down to the water. The feeling of their eyes on my back would not be short-lasted, and I knew it.
I thought that I may be able to swim better, maybe breath underwater. My thoughts were correct. I swam at the seafloor. Some fish swam past me. I saw an actual shark. It was small, it had a clip in its fin with the number sequence '1634’ I watched it swim for a minute before deciding to go back home.
I swam back to shore. I grabbed my towel and dried myself off. As I was drying myself, a girl(probably my age) walked up to me, confused "Uhm..., you are cosplaying, right?". I stared at her for a moment. I shook my head, I was scared to be criticized... She stared at me wide eyed before opening her mouth and running away.
I sighed and picked up my hoodie and slipped it on, struggling again, due to my fin. I put my towel over my board and picked up my skateboard in my other arm before noticing that a phone was laying in the sand. "Crap!" That girl must’ve dropped her phone when she ran. I picked it up.
I walked up the hill and then skated once I reached flat land. When I got home I checked my phone, no notifications. Next, I checked her’s. She had a few different texts and calls. One of the calls was from her mom. I called her mom.
"Hi sweetie!!!" Her voice was high pitched. I replied, "Um- Hi, your daughter left her phone at the beach. I picked it up for her but I didn’t see her again so I figure I would call or text whoever messaged first." She replied "Oh! Ok, I’ll go pick her up. Could you tell me your address?" I told her my address before saying "Please, please, please don’t share it with anyone. No matter the circumstances." She replied, "I definitely won’t share it don’t worry! Give me 20 minutes, we’ll be there."
As I was waiting, I peaked at her phone again. A text from a person named 'Bestie!' "OHMYGOSH! Have you seen what’s on the news!? There is a shark boy! A SHARK HUMAN. I want to meet him so bad. I wonder if he’s nice... do you think he’ll be cute? 😟" I thought, before replying for the girl. "I heard he’s pretty nice, they said he was experimented on though, like, could you imagine? What it must’ve felt like?".
The girl and her mom arrived before her friend could reply. They walked up to the door, I quickly pulled my hood over my head. I just opened the door a bit, I handed the girl her phone. She smiled and thanked me.
As I was pulling my hand away, the mom grabbed my hand, "Oh hunny!" She exclaimed, "What happened to your hands?!". My eyes widened in shock, I looked her in the eyes. As I made I contact, realization that my face had changed too hit me, "Nothing!". She yelped, "Oh, hunny, were you the one I saw on the news today?!" I looked back and forth from the daughter to the mom. "Yah..." I sighed.
The mom pulled my towards her and hugged me. I did not expect this... something inside of me broke. I choked as tears began to run down my face. The daughter looked shocked, her expression full of guilt.
The mom began to whisper into my ear "They must’ve been so cruel. I am so sorry that you had to go through that." I wrapped my arms around her and rubbed my tears into her shoulder. "I-it felt like I was drowning... they watched me. They smiled as I screamed..." I muttered through my sobs. I rubbed my ink colored eyes. I loosened my grip as she let go.

(The mom was raised in a southern area, she has a southern accent)

The daughter came a step closer. "I-I’m so sorry... about earlier. I didn’t even think. I shouldn’t have ran..." I pursed my lips "it’s alright... I would’ve ran too." I sniffled. "My name is Cōcū (pronounced as Kōkū) by the way, my mom’s name is June." She said. I gave a half-hearted smile, "My name is Kai..."
She held her phone out "Give me your number. I owe you double. If you ever need ANYTHING, call me.". I nodded and put my number into her phone. I thanked them for understanding, then they left. After a few hours of watching tv and wallowing in my own self pity, I decided to text Cocu.

(Btw, he did eat throughout the day, I didn’t feel like typing it tho)

C- Cocu
K- me

K- Hey, could I use up one of those favors right of the bat, also be really honest with you?
C- Whatever you need. Again, I’m so so so sorry for earlier :-(
K- Ok, one second.

I called her.
(Call not text)

C- Hey!
K- Hi.
C- So what’s the favor?
K- So... uhm, my friends- they’re really judgemental. I know that they won’t understand what I’m going through, at all, they’d talk behind my back. So... could we maybe be friends? Or just, if you have a friend in mind who you think might want to be friends or something...

I rambled on.

C- We could definitely be friends! That isn’t even really a favor, that won’t count! I think my friend, Lynn, might enjoy hanging out with you too.
K- That’s great!
C- Are you going to be at the beach tomorrow too?
K- Yes?
C- Great! I have plans to go to the beach with Lynn tomorrow, it would be great for you to come hang out with us!
K- That sounds good, what time?
C- Probably around 9:30 am.
K- I’ll be there, see you then.
C- See yah!

*time skip to 8:30*

I rolled out of bed. I rinsed off in the shower. I slid into my swim trunks and I grabbed my light coral colored hoodie and pulled it on; carefully this time. I re-tied my bandana as I slipped some sandals on. I put about 3-4 bracelets on my wrists.
I grabbed my backpack, filled it with sunscreen and a towel. At 8:00 I grabbed my surfboard and skateboard, then skated down to Trestles. I saw some of my friends walking and driving to their jobs. I knew, very well, that they would not recognize me; also that they would judge me.
I kicked the longing feeling out and tried to hype myself up about today. On the downhill I passed Cocu and a girl who I assumed was Lynn. I was going to fast to stop, but I gave them a hang-loose sign(with my free hand, because I knew they could see me. Once I’d reached the bottom of the hill I sat on the bike racks and waited for them.
They got down there about 10 minutes after me. I waved, Cocu walked a bit quicker once she’d seen me. "Hey Kai!" She exclaimed, as though she’d known me for years.
Lynn seemed unsure. "Hi," I directed my attention towards Lynn(trying to forget the fact that I’m not fully human anymore) "So..." I smiled awkwardly, unable to forget how I look now. Cocu turned towards her, "So, this is that special friend I was talking about. I met him yesterday, as you probably guessed, I ran away and dropped my phone by accident. He grabbed it for me, so, we’re friends now.".
Lynn laughed, "That sounds like something you would do, you kook!". Lynn look a little less tense now, "I’m Lynn, nice to meet you!" She waved. I relaxed more before saying "Nice to meet you too, I’m Kai. So, you guys surf?" I nodded to the boards they held. They nodded.
We walked over the train tracks to the beach as we all asked each other about our best waves; my best being the barrel that I caught yesterday. They both paddled out on their boards, but I decided that I wanted to swim first.
I just explored for a few, but then I decided to play a prank on Cocu as payback for running. I swam under her and brushed my finger against her foot to scare her. She flinched and fell off of her board. I grabbed her and flipped her board over, Lynn and I both laughing out butts off. She glared at us.
I smirked, "That’s payback!". She continued to glare, but then her eyes widened again "Your hair! It just dried! It was wet just a second ago! That’s so cool!" My eyes widened too, we all ended up laughing over it.
Swimming like this was nice; I could open my eyes, breath, go deep, and I could float on the surface with no effort. I saw '1634' the shark from yesterday swimming quickly towards Lynn.
I swam as quickly as I could, I accidentally hit her, the little shark bit my elbow. "Ow! Crap, little jerk, that hurt like heck." I grabbed it and pulled it out of the water. I chucked it, like, 15 feet away, I probably hurt it, but to be fair, it hurt me first.
Everyone was staring at me weird. In sync, Lynn and Cocu questioned me "Why did you just throw a baby shark!?". I pulled my elbow out of the water and showed them the bite "Well, would you like to tell me what you would’ve done?" Specifically staring at Lynn. "Oh..." Lynn said. "Ouch." Cocu said.
I laid my bloody arm on Lynn’s board and smirked "Just so you know," I pointed at my elbow. "this nearly happened to your leg." She cringed "Thanks for taking the hit." I nodded.
I laid my head down on the board(there were no waves coming atm). "Holy heck, swimming that fast is like running two miles. I’m going to go take a nap on the beach. Please look back every few minutes though, please, I seriously have people problems right now." They nodded before changing their attention to a new set of waves coming in.
I swam back to the beach and dried myself off. I made a pillow out of sand and then spread out my towel. I dug through my backpack to find my medical wrap. I also found some neosporin, I used a bit of the wrap to apply it and then wrapped the bite up.
I laid down on my towel. Today has been pretty good. I closed my eyes and dozed off. I felt something poking my side. I lifted my head to see that a little boy had come up to me.
I looked at him, "Hey! Watch’Ya doin’?" He looked at me with curiosity in his big eyes. He ignored my question but asked "Are you a shark?" I knew that he didn’t mean anything mean, so I replied "Yes, I am." He grinned "Wow!!! Mr., thats very cool! Will you play with me?" I nodded as he ran down to the shore and called me to come with him.
I could feel his mother staring at me. I looked towards her until I saw her, I smiled at her and gave her a thumbs up. She came down to us, nonetheless. She looked at me "I’m sorry, my son is so hyper." I smiled at her "It’s alright, he just wanted to look for sand crabs! Just so you know, I’m only 19; I’m 100% kid friendly, even if I may not look like it." She apologized(she wasn’t actually sorry though). As they walked away, her son pointed at me and said "MOM! Did you see how cool he is?! He’s a shark!!!"
A little while later, Cocu and Lynn came back. "What was up with that mom and her kid?" Lynn asked. "I think she got worried that I’d eat him or something like that." I laughed, even though that probably is actually what she thought. "It’s funny how people say to judge people by personalities and not looks, yet they can’t even get to know someone. So many hypocrites." Lynn and I nodded.
As we started walking up the hill I began to get hungry "Do you guys want to go get something to eat?" That caught their attention, "Definitely!" "I’m super hungry, where do you guys want to go?". "Jack n the Box sounds good, if it does to you guys." Lynn replied to Cocu. Cocu and I nodded.
We ended up going in Lynn’s Jeep, I sat in back. I got really nauseous as the bite in my arm started to burn; I passed out. I dreamed of the liquid filled tube and the pain that I had felt when I changed.
I woke up in a place that I soon recognized as a hospital, I was glad, I knew that it wasn’t a lab. A nurse hurriedly walked into my room, switching some tubes and writing stuff on a clipboard.
She smiled, "I’m glad to see that you’ve woken up, Kai! The shark DNA reacted poorly to the Neosporin, that I assume you applied, to the shark bite. So, in the future, it’s probably best to avoid using any non-prescription medication. We are going to give you a tube of cream medicine that should be safe for both DNA strands." I nodded and thanked her.
She pulled out some grey medical wrap "This is for you, also. It should match your skin color better than the tan one does." I smiled "It’s very kind of you to think of this. I really appreciate it." She smiled before walking out of the room. At the doorway she shook herself, probably thinking I wouldn’t notice. She must’ve been freaked out by me, even though she didn’t act like it.
Lynn and Cocu came into the room. Cocu smiled "The nurses said your free to go now, they gave us the tube stuff by the way." I nodded "Did they give me stitches?" Lynn pursed her lips and nodded. "What did you guys get for lunch?" I asked them. "I’m still hungry, we haven’t eaten yet. You were only here for like an hour and a half." I nodded
I got up and grabbed my backpack. We walked down to the Jeep and proceeded to go to Jack n the Box. "What’s your favorite song, Kai!?" Cocu yelled from up front(she yelled because we were going a little fast and the top was off of the Jeep). I leaned forward so she could hear me ‘I’m Not Ok' by Weathers. She grabbed her phone and played it through Bluetooth.
We bobbed our heads to it. I sung the last lyrics "I sing to myself, self, who needs to get well, well. So what if I’m Na-Na-Na Not Okay? I’m Na-Na-Na Not Okay." Cocu looked back at me, concerned. I ignored her glancing.
I could tell that Lynn still wasn’t comfortable with me, unlike Cocu. Cocu acted like she’d known me for years, probably coming from her mother’s personality. We ate before dropping Cocu off at her house.
Lynn drove me to my house. She pursed her lips before asking, "Is it ok if I hang out with you for a little? Also can I be really honest with you? Promise not to tell." I nodded, "I swear, I won’t tell a soul. Tell me whatever." I waited, she looked deep in thought.
She looked at me from the front seat, "The reason I want to stay... I- uhm... my parents had a big fight before they went to work this morning. I normally don’t tell people, but it seems like we’ll be hanging out with you a bit, I don’t want you and Cocu to come over and you to be surprised. I just don’t want to go back home and see the outcome yet."
My eyebrows floated upwards into a concerned emotion. "I understand. My parents didn’t quarrel, but I’ve been in foster homes where they do. You can definitely hang out. I know we just met and all, but if you need to come over you can anytime. I also know that I look kinda weird, but that’s not my fault. In my mind I’m still just a 19 year old kid. Just a kid who got experimented on and will have to be criticized for the rest of his life for something he didn’t ask for. Yet, I’m still just a kid."
She scrunched her nose in guilt and what looked like a bit of relatability as she nodded solemnly. I hopped out of the car and grabbed our boards. She came out and grabbed my skateboard. We walked up the driveway. She sat my skateboard on the front porch.
When we got inside, I went out back to the shed and set our boards down, then I came back inside. Lynn had sat down on the couch and rested her head on a pillow. She stared at a wall, mostly zoned out, "What was it like?". I understood the question rather quickly.
I sat down on the other side of the couch, "Drowning." I breathed heavily. "It felt like my skin had begun to cling to my blood. I could practically feel the scientists eyes gouging into me. My mouth felt like it was on fire. But the fin. The fin on my back was the worst. It didn’t do anything to my bones, but it hurt so bad that I pretty much went into a seizure." I shook just from remembering it, only a few weeks ago.
I took another breath "Imagine someone pulling your spine in and out of your body. That’s the feeling. It all just happened a few days ago. I woke up to my "face" on the news, they said 'try to treat him normal'. If they would’ve said my name, my friends would’ve probably tp’d my house.".
She sighed. "I’ve never thought about my spine, but I’ve pictured my ribs. One more thing, I wouldn’t ask this to a 'human'(she used air quotes), but uhm... I’ve never touched a shark before. So... could I like, feel your fin or something...?" I laughed.
I rolled onto my side. My legs towards her and my tail too. She rubbed her hand on my tail. It felt surprisingly good. Like that feeling when someone rubs behind your ear during a massage, ticklish but also really warm and gentle no matter how hard they press.
"Oh my gosh that actually feels so good. Forget back massages, that high key feels way better." I laughed. She did that kinda frown smile thing, the embarrassed but still happy smile. She scrolled through her phone and did for a while more. I fell asleep.
I woke up in the morning with a blanket over me. Her bag was gone and I assumed that her Jeep and board were too. It was 8:00. I got ready and tried to decide what to do today. I think I might go to a cafe or something. I wore some swim trunks and a t-shirt.
I slipped on my vans, grabbed my keys, phone, and skateboard, and skateboarded down to Cafe Del Sol. I ordered a coffee with cream. Everybody was staring. There was not a single person who wasn’t "Do you guys not watch the news? Also, could you please mind your own business? It’s not like I asked for this crap to happen." I sighed and looked down at my coffee, shaking my head, attempting not to get upset before getting up and heading home.
I made a new Instagram account and decided to post something. I named it @sharkpersoninfo . I think I should fill it with stuff that I do and don’t want people to do. I made a list in my notes.

I hope that people are going to repost it. Literally all I want is to be normal and go on with my life. I decided to see if anyone has posted ‘sightings' of me.
I searched the hashtag #sharkperson , there were pictures and videos of me. Some of me skating around town, in the cafe when I was asking them to mind there own beaches, at the beach, and even surfing. I tapped on the one of me surfing.
It was the tube that I had caught, some people had commented. 'Well, he’s a shark, but he does know how to catch good waves!' And 'IS THAT HALF SHARK HALF HUMAN?!'. I sighed before writing a reply 'Yes. He is, check my account for some info.'.
I decided to take use one of the pictures of me that Lynn had taken(at the beach she had taken a picture). I posted it in the corner of a picture that also included some info about me.
(I am pretending not to be me so I don’t get direct hate)

(Time skip, three weeks)
The past three weeks have gone decent(decent for a half shark half human at least). I have become better friends with Cocu and Lynn. Lynn has come over a few times, upset, she brought her dog with her(that dog deserves the world, he is the only dog that’s seen me and not tried to kill me since I was changed). Cocu invited Lynn and I to go surfing and dragged me to go shopping with her too.
The Instagram account I made gained followers extremely quickly. I had seen others with info about me, but also hate accounts. I was gaining about a thousand followers a week. I decided to post that I’m actually THE shark dude, my name and all, because I would rather people not to be deceived and also to get the best advice about how to be kind to me.
The post included my name(I had received texts and calls from my "friends" wondering where I am), I also included an apology for keeping it from them. ‘I’m sorry for pretending that I was not me. I hope you guys can understand that I was attempting to build up my self confidence before getting hate for something that I didn’t ask to happen to me. Try to put yourself in my shoes, because I’ve been in yours. I’m only 19, just starting my life, making mistakes is bound to happen; just not DNA changing ones.’. I posted it.
I nearly immediately received dms and texts, I guess some of my friends had been following me. I got texts like these, 'HOLYCRAP! I’ll go buy a shark toy and drop it off at your house so you have some company.', 'Omg, your that idiot who got taken?! Haha 😂, at least now you aren’t shark bait.', and 'Guess who isn’t in our friend group anymore?!? Lol bye'.
I shrunk in my seat as I deleted all of their numbers and my conversations with them. Although, the dms weren’t as rude; ‘I’m sorry for you, hun.' and 'if you need someone, to talk, I’m here!'. Even the kind dms couldn’t make me feel better. I laid down and some tears fell from my dark eyes.
I texted the group chat with Cocu and Lynn; 'help'. They were both here, within 20 minutes. Lynn just walked straight in, Cocu followed a little wary(she’d only been into my house like 1 time). Lynn kneeled down in front of me and gave me a hug, "What happened?", this reminded me of how I helped her. "I made an account, I didn’t know my friends would find it." I muttered; handing her my unlocked phone.
She typed furiously, "What the heck is wrong with your old friends. I don’t care that your out of their friend group, that’s for the better." She showed me the phone. 'So what?' It said, 'just means that I have cooler friends than you.' I gave her a half hearted smile and laugh. I heard the microwave start and looked to the kitchen; Cocu. She was busy throwing away an empty chicken noodle soup can. I chuckled at how serious she was now.
Both Lynn and I were staring at her as she walked through the house. "What are you looking for?" I questioned. "Blankets!" She said. I replied with "There are like 4 in my room." She practically sprinted to my room. She emerged from my room, sprinting towards us. The next thing I know, there are two blankets landing atop my head.
I pulled them off to see Cocu plop down on the very edge of the couch and Lynn staring Cocu down with messy hair(similar to how mine got messy from the blanket. A beep came from the kitchen. "That’s for you." Cocu looked at me. I nodded and got up, wrapping the blankets around me
I pulled the soup out of the microwave and grabbed a fork before returning to the couch. Cocu looked at me, eyebrows raised. "What?" I asked. She laughed "Did it work?" I took my turn to raise my eyebrow. "It did. The stupidity it strong with this one." She said as she nodded, pointing at me, smiling to herself.
I ate a big spoonful of soup before setting it on the table. I grabbed the remote and turned on obx. "Sarah’s so hot." They both looked at me with confusion. "Only for you. John B. Is mine!" Cocu exclaimed. Both Lynn and I laughed.
I began to play with Lynn’s hair, she was sitting in front of me on the floor. She looked back at me, making a 'what the heck are you doing face'. I was embarrassed, but I asked anyways "Can I try to braid it?" She continued to look at me "Sure(?)" I laughed.
I grabbed the front of her hair splitting it in two sections, then twisted it twice, then continued to do that all the way through her hair. At the bottom, I twisted the two sections in the same direction, then wrapped it the opposite way.
Cocu looked at me, jaw practically hitting the floor. "You can do hair?" She asked, astonished. I nodded before giving her a cheeky smile.
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