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So, for the current time being, im on break.

Picsart has become more of a burden than a fun past time for me tbh. Not many people really look/view my content, so I feel like a dead account that has some how managed to stay alive. Not to mention, pa is just, boring?

I feel like whenever I log into pa, I see the same things, people, and characters being edited all the time. Its fun at first, but if you’ve been a pa user for a few years, it gets a bit tiresome. Also, my edits are trash lol. ( the only time I can make good edits are when I have migraines)

TL:DR or TL:DMS: pa isnt fun anymore, it gives me extreme stress. Skateboard Rimuru is everywhere, send help. My edits belong in the trash.

If you wanna talk to me while on break, find me on Discord: TsumTsum #7919 or Anilist: Radishinblue

TL:DR- Too Long, Dont Read
TL:DMS- Too Long, Doesn’t make Sense

see you in 21 weeks, and like always, have a good day/night.

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