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So I was tagged by @kinglake2 to write some random facts about myself :P Soooo here are 10 facts: 1- I am 19, but not in school at the moment. I took a year off after graduating high school. Now I am ready for a new school year in college this upcoming Fall. 2- I enjoy anime, but I am still pretty new to it. I don't watch many shows often, only when I can. 3- I also love the shows Once Upon a Time and Arrow. 4- I have 3 birth marks, 1 on my hip, another under my chin and the other one is a patch of white/clear hair somewhere at the back of my head. 5- My childhood consited of playing outside and playing Spyro the Dragon on ps1. Spryo is life!! 6- I love the colour purple, and that is why I loved Spyro...and I love dragons, I want one... 7- I was born here in Canada, Ontario and never left since. Which means I've never ever travelled. Which also means I have no passport. D: 8- I love Halloween. Dressing up in costumes makes me so happy, and I always need to look my best each year! 9- Cats are life. So are owls, I want one so badly. 10- I hate to say this last one, but my right thumb is short and stubby compared to my right. I can't even play thumb wars -.- But I like to call it my lucky thumb because it's part of my drawing hand :3 Okay that is all, hope I didn't bore you :P And if I did, here is a majestic picture of my cat and portfolio case(:
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Of course and you're welcome! :)
I love those to shows to
But dogs are my life i have 3 to take care of

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