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So just Image by Naomi #blacklivesmatter

So just wanted to say stay safe guys: beware of fancams mean comments from pridefall and don't forget blm is still occurring too.

So first of all: fancams. Don't go looking for them whatever you do because you cannot handle it. Don't go thinking that you can because once you've seen it you can't under it. You will be scarred for life. Not even joking. So yeah don't look for them and be careful for accounts that can dm you these. @-stay_safe- will keep you updated on accounts to look out for.

Second: getting hacked. So lots of accounts spreading this type of news about pridefall,fancams and even blm can get their account hacked. Don't worry too much about it and please don't stop spreading this news because you are afraid of getting hacked. The more people do it the more the hackers feel intimidated because strength in numbers.

Ok one last thing thank you so much to @pickleroman one of best friends (irl) for everything she does. Please go follow she deserves it. She's so nice and caring and always looking out for people. So yeah go follow please. Thank you if you made it this far. It means a lot. #freetoedit