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jeonjungkook btsjungkook bts Image by leaving soon 🥺

"Song on loop: twisted - missio"
••everybody in the world knows I'm a little twisted••haven't we all missed my old dark edits?

this is my entry for @ciki_- and @jeonary 's 1k contest!! hope you like my darkie jungkook🤧🤞❤. I would have made it into a gif but the quality's already ruined and I couldn't risk it that far:(.

••I won't change my username since lots of you voted for me to keep the one I'm using now but my watermark changed!! in the future hopefully that will be my username, neonchim.

psy?cho◇path jeon/^ #ggu k au
#jungkook #jeonjungkook #btsjungkook #bts #kpop #cikiandjeonscontest