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Chapter 1 : Beautiful Wings 🦋 (pt. 01)
....currently in the makings....
(read left to right) forgot to include the numbers -.-

🦋 1.) Start off with a plain white 2048 x 1536 background. Go to stickers and choose one of your own or one (or more) of our lovely pa fam’s sticker(s). In this case, I’m going to use @/ lovelyalnie ‘s taehyung sticker(s). Since I’m using two stickers, I usually position the first sticker to where I like and open up another layer for my second sticker. Once both stickers look great, I’ll merge them together. To move the sticker around or change the way it’s facing use the transformation button (press the three dots under the arrow facing the right).

🦋 2.) Using the second brush from the eraser (size: 128 , spacing: 76%) I’ll make curvy lines and erase everything under the curves I made with the first brush.

🦋 3.) After that, go to the very bottom layer. We need a background! Press that nose drip looking thingy on the right hand corner.

🦋 4.) You’ll see this circle with a plus sign. Move it around to the color you want. I want the background to somewhat match Tae’s hair color so I’ll move it there. Once you get the color you want, go to select shape.

🦋 5.) Opacity must be 255 and it has to be fill. Then you press the check button and enlarge the square to fill up the entire layer.

🦋 6.) This edit looks like it needs a visit from Mr. Grain, but I don’t want him to make Tae grainy too. What can we do? 🙊 Of course, there’s always a way! Hide the Tae stickers and save the colored background to your photos.

🦋 7.) Then go to Afterlight and go over the picture 4 times with 100% grain. Save the picture and head back to picsart. Go to the bottom layer, press on photos and click on the grainy background you just saved. Enlarge it to fill up the layer and you’re done! Beautiful grainy background but Tae is still looking good.

🦋 8.) This is the end of part one. I hope you guys enjoyed this lesson so far. We will continue with part two later. I am actually making this edit rn, so it’s even more exciting but difficult as well because I have to explain and screenshot what I’m doing in the process.

Thank you for stopping by, and I’ll see you in the next class! If you have any questions please leave a comment, and I’ll get back to you soon.

*please give credit if you use any of the tips I mentioned in this post.

**This is a tutorial for edit 3... The edit only took like 5 minutes but all that explaining and stuff is a lot of work!
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