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Chapter 1 : Beautiful Wings (pt. 02)
....currently in the makings....

Welcome back! Are you ready to continue where we left off on? *screams yes* Okayy, lets get to it~ Were going to make the perfect shadow. This is one of the easiest parts of the edit.

1.) First things first, you need to copy the Taehyung image. Press the three dots on the right hand corner.

2.) Once its copied, the copied layer usually goes to the top. I want you to drag that down to the second slot.

3.) After that, I want you to press that normal button and change it to screen (it makes the sticker white... in most cases)

4.) Then the three dots on the right hand corner, I want you to press transform. Youre in the layer transform section. I want you to use two fingers, place them right in the center of the picture and move it slightly to the right. This may be difficult because you can accidentally enlarge or shrink the image. If everything goes well, itll look like picture 5 ^

5.) Were not done yet! Change the opacity of the shadow to 50. (This is still layer 2) Then bring out the second brush on the eraser (size: 128 , spacing: 76%)

6.) Since its the second layer, everything under the first layer wont show. Start erasing lines on the shadow thats showing.

7.) This is the end of part two. How was it, guys? Not too difficult, I hope. We will continue part three... uhh, Im not sure actually. Im kind of busy today. Anyways, if you have any questions please leave a comment, and Ill get back to you soon.

See you in the next class!

*please give credit if you use any of the tips I mentioned in this post.

**I like making lines on my shadows, but if you dont then you can just skip these last two steps.
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Hi! Is there a part 3 to this ?
@worldwidehandsome Helloo~ & yes, theres suppose to be one. However, Im going to redo this tutorial. Ill tag you one I make it