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taeyong leetaeyong nct nctu nct127 Image by aby

Taeyong 🌹


This is the third birthday of him I celebrate 🤧
I mean, I knew him on 2018! I celebrated his birthday as he was other idol but now, he is very important!
All the situations he has been through, all the hate people still giving him, it makes me want him more and want to protect him more than I could, because people don't know that he's a human too! He has feelings! HE IS NOT THAT PERFECT! GOD! I have a lot to say about him but I will not, because it doesn't matter that much and because today is a special day.
Let's make this day an AMAZING and LOVELY day so he can remember as one of the best days of his life because he deserves it and even more! He deserves the whole world, we are the ones who don't deserve him 🤧 I don't deserve a boy like him, he is just too much that I can't take.
Bubu Yonggie, you are the best, don't forget it
Happy birthday to the best leader 🎉 I'm wishing you the best since two years ago and I still like that , I wish you a PERFECT day ♥️✨ 사랑해 ♡

Tysm for 19k guys 🎉💕

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