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Image by ♡ Hayley Holland ♡

Thank you for watching Picsart the film

🎬 Film details:
* Main Actor ~ Scarlet Johanson
* Main Character ~ Black Widow
* Location ~ MCU
* Genre ~ Complex
* Colour scheme ~ Idk
* Titles ~ Now that I found you, I got everything I wanted
* Film length ~ 30 mins
* Rating ~ 7/10
* Editing program ~ Picsart and Polarr
* Nominated contests ~ none
* Film collaboration ~ none

Directors notes:
I am so sad that the black widow movies has been put off again!!!! 😭😭😭😭

😷 Stay happy, safe, well 😷

The song playing is ~ Teeth by 5 sos

* @mxriahelps for the background
* @spqrklycherly for the Nat stickers
* Others for the other stickers

* Instagram ~ @Bettys_cardigan ~ @toms_tessa * Pinterest ~ Hayleylikespaperrings13
* Other account ~ @extxquxckson * Wattpad ~ @swiftie_hollander
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Stunt men and women:

(ˢᵀᴬᴿᵀᴱᴰ ᴮᵞ @ᴶᴱᴰᴵᴵ_ᴾᴬᴸᴾᴬᵀᴵᴺᴱ)
Chris Evans wife: @jedii_palpatine
Thor’s neighbour: @elevcn Tom Holland’s wife: @likespaperings13
Benedict's wife: @smol_sophie
Tom Hiddlestons Oreo: @mischief_lqki Chris Evans mistress: @smol_argent
Tom Holland's secret girlfriend: @serpent-rp
Robert Downey Jr.’s daughter: @naomijedi
Tom Holland’s soulmate: @fqngirling-
Brie Larson’s best fren: @ohmycara- // @vi-roleplays
Tom Hiddleston's baaaee @hxddles_bby
tom holland’s neighbor @sullie_zqp Sebastian Stan's Bestie @arichi617 Harrison Osterfield's Girlfriend @arichi617
Jake Gyllenhaal’s pancake: @paaancaaakes
Chris Pratt’s cinnamon roll: @theshipshavesailed Tony Starks Therapist: @grxzers_holland
Lizzie Olsen's sister from another mister: @jedii_niches
Zendaya’s lil sis: @sararenka
Sebastian Stan’s ride or die: @jsross2007
Makeup artists:

Swiftie Lover grp @swiftie ­_evafan
@awhtaylena- @endofallthendings @iforgotthatyouexisted @fiveholesinthefence13 @qloss- @cruel_summer2 @awhwolfhard- @the_swift_life @shamiltay @daylightswiftie @lover_swift_13 @allthingstaylorswift
Not #freetoedit or #freetoremix
Tags: #blackwidow #blackwidowedit #scarlettjohansson #marvel #mcu #complex #complexedit #aesthetic

#remixed from @hollxnder