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arts drawing drawings digitalart Image by Lucy

Thank you all who congratulated and asked me questions! It was really fun to respond to all your wonderful comments ❤️
Here’s one of the other sketches I’ve mentioned from my last Deku post! I know you guys probably don’t really like my sketches since they’re unfinished and stuff but I thought I might as well share it! I hope you don’t mind 😊
Alsoooo should I finish this?

...and hey um... I was also thinking that I want to get to know you guys more! Maybe in future posts we can write something about ourselves. It doesn’t have to be specific. It could just be a hobby or how your feeling. I don’t want this community to just be about me! I want everyone to feel included and loved here so if you don’t mind maybe write something about yourself in the comments ❤️

If you can’t think if anything to say. I guess can start off... if you didn’t know yet my favorite color is red! What’s yours?

And thank you for the follows! ❤️
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