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eddievr Image by ♡︎♥︎𝕀𝕤 𝕀𝕥 𝕆𝕜𝕒𝕪♥︎♡︎

Y i love them u might ask,
Before u continue, this descrpition includes a “s*icidle” point, if u dont like that stuff, pls dont read.
Bc they actually stopped a very depressing stage of my life. In the beggining of quarantine, it wasnt to bad, but then as quarantine went on, i started loosing hope, and the feeling i need to live, i would stay in my room, and instead of wishing quarantine was done, i wished i would die, and soon i started to plan it. I planned how i wouldve done it, soo was scrolling through yt, and i see a video of joshdubs, and it looks funny, so i click on it. By the time the video was over, i couldnt stop laighing. It was the most i have ever laughed for a few months. So i subscribed, and then i found eddie, then narrator, then mully, and juicy(i just typed juicy, and i never put fruitsnacks after it) amd then the Boys channel came, and then ree kid got a yt, and they all basically were the only ones who i would say are there for me, and the ones who can give me a real smile, a real laugh, and it can be one video a week, and i still would be happy. I have so many stories about what really made me smile with them, but ever since i discovered them, i have nver thought of what i wanted to do before
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