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This book/series is basically just Image by ♡Jordan♡

This book/series is basically just something I started to write once I got bored. If you're interested let me know! Here's the very beginning. Enjoy!
I was running, sweating, jumping, trying to get away and then- there was a sudden bright light entering the room. I rolled over. 3:27. Great. Another stupid dream. I looked at my phone to see that mom had texted me. I huffed then rolled back over. I don't have time to deal with her. School starts tomorrow and I need to get some kind of sleep. 

     The smell of bacon had awaken me. I looked at the clock, 6:03. Not bad. I could actually do my hair and makeup without being late. I carefully walk downstairs hoping not to be caught. "KENNEDY" shit, I thought. Dad saw me. Dang it. Crap. Ugh! "Ya d-dad?" I asked shyly,hoping not to get yelled at the first day of school. "You woke up on time!" he said happily, as I looked down at the bruise on my arm. 'What has gotten into him?' I had flashbacks from yesterday, when he wouldn't let me go skating with Tristan and Traci. I looked at my bruise again then back up at my father who was waiting for a response. "Oh y-ya, I decided to change. New year new me right!" I said with all the confidence I had. He looked at me suspiciously, "So since you're a junior you're deciding to change?" I tried to think of something to say. My mind was blank. All of my excuses already used. I just decided to nod then sit down. The buffet was amazing. Why would he do this? I shrugged off the thought since this will probably be a one time thing. 
So that was it for the first part of chapter one. Let me know what you think and if I should keep going. Love u all, Jordan❤