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1984 eddievanhalen Image by Rip Eddie Van Halen 💔🥺

This day 37 years ago Van Halen released 1984. It would later go Diamond which means it sold 10 million copys. It topped the billbord charts at number 2 with Michael Jacksons Thriller at number 1. But Michael did get help from Eddie because his manager Quincy Jones called up Eddie and asked him to play the solo on Beat It. He not only did the solo but he rearranged the whole song. So if you ask me 1984 should of been number 1. It’s a great album so if you haven’t listen to all 9 songs on it you should. #vanhalen #1984 #eddievanhalen #ripeddievanhalen #davidleeroth #alexvanhalen #michaelanthony